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The success of an idea depends on the strength of its foundation and a robust Enterprise Architecture provides this foundation for organizations to effectively drive their business strategy. DGI operates as a Center of Excellence for Enterprise Architecture and provides niche architecture services to our customers.

This group is a strong link between our customers’ architectural strategy and geographically distributed delivery teams, providing requisite architecture governance to ensure successful realization of a proposed architecture solution.

Our portfolio of architecture services spans the following focus areas and lays unprecedented emphasis on continuous alignment to market dynamics, industry trends, technology innovation and value models tailored to your specific needs:

  • Architecture Consulting, with a clear focus to help you develop a clear enterprise perspective, develop resilient and far-reaching strategy, design practical roadmaps for incremental transformation, and employ right-fit processes, tools and technology
  •  Architecture Governance, where our teams work hand-in-hand with your delivery functions to provide essential drive, thrust and visibility to ensure end-to-end architecture governance across all phases of the software development lifecycle. DGI’s reusable frameworks and components, productivity improvement tools, and solution templates create domain focused architectural best practices
  • Usability Architecture in a user interface requires addressing the critical dimensions of business, customer and technology needs.  DGI’s Architects provide niche consulting services in areas of usability and user interface design across multiple channels such as web, mobile devices and tablets