Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is transforming the way enterprises operate business processes and make investments to deliver them. It is unleashing new ways of doing business, reducing cost structures and increasing flexibility to respond to market changes. All this adds up to competitive advantage.

Cloud computing is still an emerging field. DGI  is experienced at harnessing the potential of emerging and disruptive technologies to deliver business value – we’ve been doing it for the past three decades. 

  • Portfolio Analysis and Cloud Strategy
  • Migration, Re-architecture and Testing
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployment and Management
  • PaaS Development
  • SaaS Integration

A Closer Look at the Cloud Computing Opportunity
Here are some examples of how your enterprise can benefit from the cloud:

  • Adopting a cloud strategy can help you increase utilization of your IT infrastructure through consolidation, virtualization and beyond. You can further optimize resource utilization using Hybrid Clouds as you no longer need to overprovision your infrastructure to manage seasonal peak loads or sudden spikes in demand.
  • Clouds can reduce your operating costs drastically through significant automation and self-service. You can incentivize prudent resource consumption through metering and chargeback, thus allowing you to measure the true costs of IT in your organization.
  • Due to consolidation, cooling, power, maintenance and real-estate costs are reduced significantly. Lower lights-on costs and reduced ongoing costs due to self-service lead to an overall lower total cost of ownership.
  • With clouds in place, you have the option of leveraging almost infinite computing capacity using public clouds and PaaS.
  • Private cloud self provisioning and public clouds significantly reduce the time for provisioning computing resources and hence significantly improve new product development and time to market.
  • Clouds can provide a platform for your workforce to collaborate globally on ideas. More resources and greater collaboration lead to faster time-to-market and enable you to unleash the innovation spirit in your organization – with reduced costs!