We provide focused solutions to each key revenue cycle to obtain your reimbursement timely and accurately.

The Healthcare Revenue concerns in the USA have become issues at the forefront of politics and the government. Increasing complexities and demanding working environments are making it more difficult for healthcare organizations and providers to receive accurate and timely reimbursement.

DGI services the healthcare market, including hospitals, hospital systems, physicians, physician groups, and payers. We provide focused solutions to each key revenue cycle to enable you to concentrate on your core functions.

Choosing a Qualified Billing Center

The whole focus of a Medical Billing Center is to obtain your reimbursement timely and accurately. The rules and regulations in this industry are extremely dynamic and constantly changing. It is the job of the billing center to keep up with those changes. These changes can affect your reimbursement or worse, cripple your practice. “Do you remember the days when you could just send in your super bill and the insurance carrier would just pay you?” Not anymore

Stricter regulations have put up more barriers for obtaining reimbursement. Today it is a full-time job and if you want your cash flow to be steady, let a professional perform your reimbursement tasks, while you do what you are good at, providing the healthcare your patients demand and deserve.

Quality Process

We work in accordance with client requirements and standards set by HIPAA regulations in order to assure optimum turn around time.

DGI Systems has the people, knowledge, experience, technology and commitment needed to convert your receivables to currency. A Focused HIPAA compliant business partner to augment your financial management. End to End. Unique knowledge based approach with the metrics model, which ensures continuous improvement. Autonomous security systems with audit trails and auto data access locks on intrusion detection.

You get full time support from a team of experts whom you need not hire as fulltime employees. Couple that with access to leading edge technology and access to a highly skilled and accessible customer service team without upfront investment, and you know you are in the right hands.