Tackle Migration Challenges

With the introduction of new business functionalities and the growth in data, legacy software applications increase in complexity:

  • Adverse effect on performance and reliability
  • Restricted scalability
  • Increase in maintenance costs
  • Rise in recruitment costs for qualified professionals

The increased total cost of ownership also involves a business risk and can provide less ROI. Mergers and acquisitions present another set of challenges. A simple migration or advancement of technology and software tools can aid in the quick development of easy-to-maintain application.

DGI has helped global clients in migrating from outdated technology to an advanced IT solution, or from an acquired company’s existing application to another application or database. Some examples include from Mainframe or VB to Java and/or .net technology, and data migration from non-RDBMS/RDBMS to RDBMS systems.

DGI offers following services in application/database migration domain -

  • Application re-engineering
    • Reverse engineering, and partial or full redevelopment
    • Enhanced business functionality and operations
  • Application upgrade
    •  Language version, OS version, database version, IDE/tools version and product scripting such as SQL 2000 to SQL 2008
  • Data migration